Practitioner Only supplements

When it comes to supplements, there are two types to choose from; over the counter and practitioner only.

What are practitioner only products?
As the name suggests, practitioner only products refer to natural supplements that are not available to purchase over the counter.

They can only be supplied by qualified health practitioners — i.e. the customer must undergo a consultation from an accredited health professional (such as a pharmacist, naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, nutritionist etc.) before purchasing.

The reason being, they are of a much higher quality, and often contain a more concentrated dosage, than over the counter medications.

Are they the same as medicine?
Practitioner only products are not classed as ‘medicine’ as they do not require a prescription from a doctor. They just need to be dispensed by a qualified health practitioner.

What’s the difference between practitioner only and over the counter products?
Practitioner only products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing and clinical trials to ensure all the ingredients are both effective and safe. As a result, the quality of the ingredients is often much higher and much more effective. Practitioner-only products tend to be more expensive, but on the flip side, you’re guaranteed results.

All practitioner only products on the other hand, have been specifically formulated to maximise their absorption and further promote the uptake of all key ingredients.

Legislation & Guidance from Medsafe
Dietary supplements are regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985

It remains the responsibility of the sponsor (the person legally responsible for placing the product on the market) to ensure the product is made to an acceptable quality, is safe to use and complies with the law.

In general, dietary supplements are substance(s) intended to supplement the intake of that substance(s) normally derived from food.

Special provisions relating to Natural Therapists
Natural Therapists (and others) have specific exemptions from some of the requirements of the Medicines Act 1981 in recognition of their role. The effect of the exemption is to allow Natural Therapists to manufacture, pack, label, sell by retail, or supply certain medicines, even when they have not been approved by the Minister of Health, providing they are supplied to an individual following a consultation with the practitioner.

What is a 'consultation'?
For the purposes of this guidance, a consultation should be a genuine dialogue between the Natural Therapist and the patient whereby the Natural Therapist attempts to establish the patient's ailment and any additional circumstances that mean particular treatments should not be administered. This should include consideration of interaction with other treatments or pre-existing medical conditions.

Care must be given to treat the patient with respect and therefore the Natural Therapist must ensure consideration is given to patient privacy and confidentiality. It is advisable that consultations are conducted in private.

You can also purchase "Practitioner Only" supplements with us online.
To complete your order one of our qualified natural practitioners will get in touch with you via email or telephone to carry out your consultation.