Mineral Power 120 Tabs

Mineral Power 120 Tabs

Mineral Power 120 Tabs

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Radiance - mineral power  120 tablets

Radiance® Mineral Power® provides a full complement of minerals and essential cofactors for maximal absorption, utilisation and retention. This includes naturally marine sourced calcium & magnesium from Aquamin™ red algae and marine magnesium complex.

Aquamin is a unique marine multi-mineral complex, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and other trace marine minerals. Unlike other mineral sources used in some food, beverage and supplement preparation, Aquamin™ is derived from marine algae, which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater. This form of absorption, coupled with Aquamin’s™ unique structure, results in a mineral-rich product which is easily absorbed by the human body.

Helpful wherever the diet is insufficient to meet the needs of the body due to disease or lifestyle. Stress, work pressure, family demands, illness and many other problems deplete the body of the daily nutrients it needs to function properly and perform at its best.

“Tired all the time”, irritability, sluggishness, susceptibility to infection, poor wound healing and low energy are all signs that there may be a nutrient deficiency. Those with disorders such as osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, arthritis, muscle cramps, dysmenorrhoea, hypoactive thyroid, etc will require daily mineral supplementation at therapeutic dosages. Radiance® Mineral Power® can be taken alone or in conjunction with your choice of Radiance® Multi.


Minerals are vital to overall mental and physical well-being. All tissues and internal fluids or living things contain minerals. Their list of functions covers almost every cell and every function in the body. There are two groups of minerals – macro-minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium and zinc which are needed in large quantities; and micro-minerals such as boron, chromium, iodine, molybdenum, selenium, etc, which are required in only minute amounts. However, the volume required does not reflect their importance to health. Because the micro-minerals are found in nature and the body in such small concentrations, the smallest of deficiencies may lead to dysfunction and disease.

All minerals are ultimately obtained from the soil in which plants grow. Any deficiencies in the soil will be reflected in the plant foods grown in them; therefore, eating plant foods is no guarantee that the full mineral complement is present. It is well known that New Zealand soils are low in several minerals including zinc, boron and selenium. Minerals are unique amongst dietary nutrients because they are relatively difficult to absorb from the food eaten. Most minerals average only between 10 and 15 percent absorption. Processing also removes or destroys the precious minerals in foods. The processing of wheat for white flour, for example, destroys almost all the vitamins and minerals found in the whole grain.

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